Here is the latest privacy policy for Naylors Loans, made to inform on the various types of information that we track from all incoming visitors.

About: was formed in early 2018. This site is being built out as a portal to the UK’s best loans. Much of the initial focus will be on subprime loan providers, but we’ll eventually branch out to prime. The content approach will be to add initial profiles that include the basic need to know service info. The layout will be developed in such a way that the categories become central to our readers. Many are being added across a range of varied metrics. A user could for instance run a quick search on all companies open on Sundays, that charge no late fees or that have a high review rating on a portal like Trustpilot.


This project was build on WordPress. One of the initial plugins added was for analytics for StatCounter. They have been selected since they offer detailed real time reporting with clear insights on various performance metrics. Whilst they do showcase a wide range of stats, there are just a few specific things that we’ll be actively checking up on. The common ones other than site views are popular pages, referral sites and the average time spent on pages. Those that we look at help to improve our ongoing performance such as in identifying fresh topic trends. For admin, we can check that the server has been running or perhaps mark any suspect IPs.

Partner Ads:

There are ads found on any of pages. In adding adverts, this helps to cover our own costs such as fees for domain and hosting. There are various premium plugins that we use and should any profits arise then we can then reinvest. Google’s AdSense program has been added. They scan the content and serve up related ads based on the topics discussed. Google uses the Doubleclick DART cookie to serve ads across the AdSense network. You can find further info regarding the DART cookie at Doubleclick as well as opt out options at Google’s Privacy Section.


Analytics and partner adverts track through the usage of cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data that monitors all visitors. On detection by IP address, it’ll follow the user around and then report back on this. You can change how cookies function through your browser’s settings. Just remember that this can trigger issues when it comes to things like logins and shopping carts on outside sites. Other than what has been covered above, there will be mobile detection so that an optimised theme can be shown to those that visit us from a smartphone. Regarding social sharing buttons, see the policies from Facebook, Twitter etc to learn on how they themselves track data.


Latest Update: March 20th, 2018.